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Library Director
Cheryl Space,
401-467-2700 x1616

Chief Operating Officer
Sue Gibbs,
401-467-2700 x1604

Director of Philanthropy
Michael Bordonaro,
401-467-2700 x 1605

Youth Services Coordinator
Judanne Hamidzada,
401-467-2700 x1611

Systems Coordinators

Dhana Whiteing,
401-272-0106 x4204, Mt Pleasant

Gale Yallop,
401-467-2625, Knight Memorial

Program Development and Community Relations Coordinator
Michelle Novello,

Digital Services Coordinator
Stephanie Shea,

Public Relations Manager
Janet Fuentes,
401-467-2700 x1613

Human Resources Manager
Maria Melvin,
401-467-2700 x1606

Office Manager
Sara Huber,
401-467-2700 x1603
Admin/Business Office Fax: 401-654-5344

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