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A Full House for Alternative ComicCon!

November 14, 2017 - 1:16pm -- sshea

Wow! We had another great Alternative ComicCon on November 10,this time at Olneyville Library! Sarah Gluck and her staff did a fantastic job producing a free, interactive comics convention for the neighborhood and it looks like everyone came.

Many thanks to Walker Mettling and Providence Comics Consortium, Dirt Palace, Cathren Housley, Providence Roller Derby, Big Nazo Lab, Jeremy Ferris, Providence CityArts for Youth, Inc., Dunkin' Donuts,The Board Room, ALC Copies, Motif Magazine, and more for their donations, contributions, and involvement.

Enjoy the slideshow and see you next year!


  • Dance party with Big Nazo Lab!
  • Alternative ComicCon attracted a big crowd on the Veterans Day holiday
  • Superhero fun for Assistant Library Director, Cheryl and daughter, Aster
  • The event organizer was Olneyville Library Manager, Sarah Gluck
  • Miss Toni supervising some delicious looking snacks!
  • Providence Roller Derby supplied a comic button making activity
  • You never know who you're going to meet at Olneyville Library!
  • Where's Waldo? There's Waldo!
  • A really cool interactive mural was created, depicting beasts over Olneyville
  • Walker Mettling and Providence Comics Consortium produced awesome artwork