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Learn to Code: A Beginner's Series

August 16, 2018 - 1:15pm -- sshea

Tuesdays,beginning September 25, 6:00 -7:30pm
Rochambeau Library, for adults

Have you been wondering if you should learn to code? Maybe you should give it a try!

In this new series, presented by PCL’s Digital Services Manager, Stephanie Shea, we will discuss coding and do hands-on practice exploring three basic languages used on the web: HTML5, CSS & javascript. Participants will be given pathways to continue developing their coding skills beyond this series if interested.

Technology is ubiquitous in daily life. Technology is integral to every professional field on some level, even if the position is not defined as a tech job. Code is the basis of all the technologies in which we are immersed. Code is everywhere. Learning to code is about developing problem solving and computational thinking skills, as well as the ability to follow, or create, a step-by step process to solve a problem.

Along with problem solving skills, coders require attention to detail. Having just one incorrect or missing character in an app can crash it! Learning to code develops multiple skills. Even a fundamental understanding of how a web page works can boost your confidence during conversations that touch on technology, whether at work or play. Rather than back away, you'll have more to say!

For those who decide to seriously dive into learning to code and become a computer scientist, coding jobs are in high-demand. Maybe coding is in your future?

Participants must bring their own device, laptop or tablet, and be comfortable using it and the web.

Please email Stephanie for more information and to register.

Check out this short and inspiring video about why computer science is amazing!