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More Hours for PCL!

March 19, 2019 - 5:32pm -- jfuentes

If you've visited your local library recently, or follow PCL on social media, you'll have noticed that we've been asking library users a few questions. Do you want to see your PCL location open more hours? Would you like it to see it offer more morning, evening, or weekend hours? Or all of these options?

Many of you have aleady answered our appeal and particular thanks go to everyone who attended our community meeting to discuss the case for More Hours For PCL on March 12 at Smith Hill Library. 

Here's what what library users are telling us: 

  • Libraries should be open when people need them and that means more evenings and weekends
  • People need safe, comfortable spaces open to the whole community
  • More weekend hours make it possible for whole families to attend arts and cultural events
  • There is a huge demand for more quality preschool activities during the morning hours 
  • More library hours will support Citywide learning goals and boost the local economy

If you want to share views or ideas about #MoreHoursForPCL, talk to your local Library Manager or contact Library Director Cheryl Space 401-467-2700 x1616. You can us at @provcomlib on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!