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A New Virtual Club for Your Teen: PVD Young Gamers

Providence Community Library has a new club for teens, led by a teen: PVD Young Gamers. The club is a safe space, where teen gamers can meet and talk online as they enjoy gaming together, and is the creation of Richard Orellana, PVD Young Makers Intern at Olneyville Library. 

Here's some more information about PVD Young Gamers, as described by Richard himself: 

"PVD Young Gamers will be a weekly club held virtually. As the name implies, the main focus will be on video games but the discussion within the club will also include discussion of all other forms of media. This idea of creating a club came about because I noticed that the current pandemic was severely limiting all in person programs. 

This club will be held through Discord, a free application used for hosting online message boards and virtual meetings. We will be meeting every Wednesday from April 14th until May 12th from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM EST. These dates may even be extended if the club is popular amongst students. The age range for this club will be for students above the age of 13 and below the age of 18, and I as the main host will be able to handle around 10-15 students. Registration for the club is simple; you can do it at this link or by  scanning the QR or link code located on the program poster (illustrated below). The links lead to a Google Form which must be filled out before the person is accepted into the Discord group." 

Any questions about the club should be directed to Richard at .