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Visit this page to find out the latest news about Providence Community Library, information about our Friends groups, community partners as well as views and comments on current events and stories that impact the library. Please check back often - we'll continue to send you a short, succinct summary in the form of a newsletter.

Get to Grips with Your Finances at Money Smart Workshops

April 11, 2018 - 2:02pm -- jfuentes

Money Smart Workshops
April 11 - May 4 
Multiple PCL Locations

We're getting off to an early start this year with our Money Smart Workshops! PCL has once again has teamed with a wide range of local experts to provide a series of engaging, user–friendly workshops April 11-May 4 that provide information about budgeting and saving, repairing credit, buying your first home, paying for college, navigating Medicare and much more. The classes are drop-in – just come ready to learn! 

All Fines Forgiven on Amnesty Days!

April 9, 2018 - 11:26am -- jfuentes

Are overdue library books and other items weighing on your mind? Good news - PCL will be holding two Amnesty days during National Library Week! Return your overdue materials to PCL, donate a non-perishable, non-expired item of food and we'll waive your fine. No questions asked! All donated food will be delivered to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

April is National Poetry Month

April 4, 2018 - 2:36pm -- jfuentes

April is National Poetry Month! For thirty days in Spring, thousands of U.S. schools, publishers, booksellers, poets and libraries participate in events that celebrate poety in all its diverse forms. 

Why does this art form have such enduring appeal across all languages and cultures? There is no single answer to that question but research suggests that our brains respond to poetry in a similar way that we react to music. The rythmns inherent in poetry appeal also to humans' love of patterns.

Here are some poetry events at PCL that you won't want to miss!

Read “The Hate U Give” and Learn More about RI eZone

March 14, 2018 - 3:06pm -- jfuentes

From March 15 to May 15, Ocean State Libraries cardholders can access Angie Thomas' multi-award winning novel, The Hate U Give, in both eBook and audiobook formats with no holds and wait time.  If you are planning to participate in the statewide reading event, Reading Across Rhode Island, that's good news, because The Hate U Give is this year's designated title!

Sign Up to Go Over the Edge - or Toss Your Boss!

March 14, 2018 - 10:35am -- jfuentes

Join us on June 23 for a chance to #RappelforPCL, descend the 12-story Regency Plaza building in downtown Providence and help PCL raise $100,000 for new materials, technology and programs. Register as an individual or as a team and raise a minumum of $1,000 to go Over the Edge; just think of it as 40 donations of $25 or combinations of other small amounts. Our first registered Edger utilized our fundraising toolkit to raise her minimum in 12 hours from 25 donations! You'll be there before you know it!


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