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PCL Pilots Summer Book Giveaway to School Students

June 17, 2019 - 1:34pm -- publicity

What could motivate a child more to read every day over the summer than a bag full of exciting new books to take home and keep? PCL is piloting a free book giveaway to school students to provide additional motivation to read every day during the summer vacation.

Students from William d'Abate, Broad Street and Alfred Lima elementary schools have each been given five books plus a special reusable bookbag printed with the inspiring message "Take Me to the Library." The three schools produced the highest percentages of returned Passports to Summer Learning at the end of the 2018 Summer Reading Program. The books given to the students were purchased with funding received from United Way of Rhode Island.  

PCL will monitor the reading habits of the students to see if the extra incentive has a measurable effect on their reading results. If funding can be found, PCL may extend the summer book giveaway to other schools in future years.  

  • School and PCL staff with the free books at Alfred Lima School
  • Alfred Lima students have lots of choices to make...
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Off they go, with full bookbags!
  • Olneyville Library Manager Joseph Morra helps a student fill her bookbag at William d'Abate School
  • More satisfied customers! All these d'Abate students are going home with five books each!