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PCL Spelling Bee: Big Bucks for Big Words

February 9, 2017 - 10:03pm -- jfuentes

More than 90 people squeezed into a packed AS220 on January 28 to enjoy a good-natured war of words that raised valuable funds for PCL. The contest got off to a gentle start but quickly got more  challenging for competing spellers with selections such as whippoorwill, oleaginous, hoyden and objurgate. In the end, there could only be one winner and Rebecca Maxwell lifted the coveted title "Best Speller of the Year" after acing the winning combo hartebeest /caliph; Ian Cozzens was runner-up.  

The evnt raised more than $1,200. Special thanks go to PCL Board Vice President Matthew Lawrence and Mount Pleasant librarian Emily LeMay for hosting the event, Kath Connolly and Althea Graves for adjudicating the spellings and to the many Friends of PCL who helped to make Spelling Bee such a success. Thanks also to Mayor Elorza for visiting and taking a turn as question master!

For those who couldn't make it, enjoy our slideshow - images courtesy of Dhana Whiteing Photography.

  • Spelling Bee attracted a good crowd
  • Spelling Bee's elegant hosts, Emily LeMay and Matthew Lawrence
  • Judges Kath Connelly and Althea Graves kept things under control
  • PCL Director Jeff Cannell
  • Winner Rebecca Maxfield and runner-up Ian Cozzens receive their prizes
  • Spread the word!