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Providence Children's Film Festival 2021 Virtual Events

February 5, 2021 - 3:37pm -- publicity

Providence Community Library will host three special screenings during the week of February 15-20. Watch the movie on the day of the program any time between 10:00AM and 7:00PM and tune into a zoom meeting for a discussion and Q & A at 3:00PM with one of the film's creators!

To register, simply click on the links provided below to reserve a free ticket. You will receive details by email describing how to access the film between 10:00AM and 7:00PM (provided you have accessed the film by 7, you will be able to watch to completion) and a zoom link to join the session with the movie's creator. Places will be limited to 100 registrations per hosted screening. 

MICROPLASTIC MADNESS -- Thursday, February 18 

Microplastic Madness is an inspirational and optimistic take on the local and global plastic pollution crisis as told through an urban youth point of view with a powerful take action message. Fifth graders from PS 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn - a community on the frontline of climate change that was severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy- spent two years investigating plastic pollution. 

With stop-motion animation, heartfelt kid commentary, and interviews of experts and renowned scientists who are engaged in the most cutting-edge research on the harmful effects of microplastics, this alarming, yet charming narrative, conveys an urgent message in user-friendly terms with a take action message to spark youth-led plastic-free action in schools everywhere.

Directors Atsuko Quirk, Debby Lee Cohen / USA, 2019 / 75 mins / All Ages

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FIRST WE EAT -- Friday, February 19

What happens when an ordinary family, living just south of the Arctic Circle, bans all grocery store food from their house for one year? Add three skeptical teenagers, one reluctant husband, no salt, no caffeine, no sugar and -40 temperatures.

First We Eat follows Suzanne Crocker and her family as they hunt, forage, fish, grow and raise their own food, struggling along the way to create a meal plan with variety and flavor. NOTE: the film depicts how animals are hunted, fish are caught and blood is tasted. None of it is sensationalized but this film is not recommended for those who are sensitive to seeing where food in all forms comes from.  

Director Suzanne Crocker / Canada, 2020 / 103 mins / Ages 8+   

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The Monarchs are in great peril. Although the butterfly’s spectacular migration evolved over millennia, the last decades of human activity have put this phenomenon in grave danger. Filmed in Gloucester, Massachusetts and the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserves at Estado de México and Michoacán, the film illuminates how two geographical regions, separated by thousands of miles, are ecologically interconnected and how the butterflies play vital role in our interconnected ecosystems. Every stage of the butterfly’s life cycle is experienced in vibrant close-up.

Director Kim Smith / USA, 2020 / 56 mins / All Ages

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For general information about Providence Children's Film Festival and to view the complete schedule, see the Festival website.