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All the Light We Cannot See

May 20, 2015 - 1:50pm -- lteverow
Anthony Doerr
Parallel stories of Marie-Laure, a blind young girl growing up in Paris pre-World War II and Werner, a boy in a mining town orphanage in Nazi Germany. The book tracks them from the relative security of childhood and their respective passions for learning to the dislocation and perils of war they experience as young adults.

Marie-Laure and her distinctive way of "seeing" and engaging with the world through her blindness are at the heart of this engrossing Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. It is the strength of her relationship with her father and his determination to prepare her to fend for herself when necessary that sustains her in war time, just as it is Werner's devotion to his sister and their mutual fascination with science and electronic communications that sustain him. The complex, interwoven stories of these two young people living under very different circumstances and those they encounter along the way goes beneath the surfaces of life to the humanness that connects us all. 

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