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Bandette: in Presto!

January 10, 2014 - 8:48pm -- ariendeau
Staff Favorite
story by Paul Tobin ; art by Colleen Coover ; foreword by Paul Cornell
Cloaked in her own particular brand of swift-witted panache, teen master thief "Bandette" roams the rooftops and corners of the Paris. Making enemies and friends on both sides of the law, a carefree Bandette duels, laughs, and liberates works of art. Aided by quirky characters like Pimento (her vocal chihuahua) and a band of allies that includes ballerinas and ball-playing street urchins, Bandette faces off against the murderous villains with an almost maddening lack of worry in this first volume.

In this Eisner-nominated digital series come to print, both art and characters shine. The retro-style art and the quick-paced dialogue (with obvious and charming French influence) make this a winning read for tween and teen fans who desire a more light-hearted costumed hero than the drama-laden Avengers and moody Watchmen of recent popularity. Looking for girl power and a heroine who chooses witty repartee over bloodshed? Bandette will become a fast companion.

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