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Fault Line

March 23, 2014 - 9:11pm -- ariendeau
Staff Favorite
C. Desir
Ben's got it made: a potential swimming scholarship to college, a loving family, and popularity in his high school. When he falls for sassy new girl Ani, Ben's life seems to get even more perfect. But then one night Ani goes to a party while Ben stays home...and afterwards neither of them will ever be the same as they sort out what really happened and who's to blame.

At times painful to read, C. Desir's debut novel addresses the important issue of sexual assault and its aftermath. Unlike more didactic YA books about teenage crises, Fault Line pulls the reader in with the narrator's all-too-realistic teenage voice and emotions. As he tries desperately to save the girl he fell in love with, Ben will both win you over and make you ache. A powerful book, highly recommended.

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