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The 2020 Census: Be Counted!

Make Sure You're Counted!

If you are already informed about the Census, visit our home page.


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What is the Census?

The Census is a complete count of the population that happens every ten years. The Census helps provide everyone with critical services and benefits, so make sure that you and your family are counted! It is important, easy, and quick to complete. Your answers will be kept safe and confidential. There are no questions about citizenship status.


What to Expect

MARCH 12-20: An envelope like this one will arrive in your mailbox. It’s important mail!

The letter inside will invite you to respond online, or by phone, to the 2020 Census. You can reply using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The letter supplies a weblink and contact numbers for phone support lines in 13 languages.

APRIL: If you don't respond straight away, you'll receive further reminders. A paper version of the Census in English and Spanish will arrive in your mailbox by mid-April. This page lists every question on the Census, explains why each question is asked, and gives guidance about how to answer. The Census return does not ask about citizenship, nor does it ask you for money or for sensitive information such as Social Security numbers or bank or credit card information. Scroll further down to find helpful videos and written guides in 59 languages.

MAY: If you still do not respond by April 30, an official Census Taker will follow up and visit your home in person. They may visit up to 12 times. They may also contact your neighbors if they can’t get a response from you directly. Census Takers will only visit your home if you do not respond to the Census.

You can get information about the Census, or help from Census Bureau staff or trusted community ambassadors, at Providence Community Library. You can also use our free public computers to respond to the Census.

Lea sobre el Censo 2020 en español

Learn more about the Census:

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