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Fearless Leaders Teams

Fearless Leader Participation for Companies and Organizations

Shine a spotlight on star employees, build corporate spirit and promote community involvement, all at the same time!

Pledge to support three or more individuals from your company or organization to register, fundraise and rappel for PCL under your company name and logo. The minimum team size is three people, each with a minimum fundraising goal of $1650. For every additional person, the minimum fundraising goal for all team members will be reduced by $100(see table).will get $100 off the Fearless Leader individual fundraising goal of $1,750 for every additional team member recruited (see table).  Everyone will be able to rappel as long as the team’s minimum team goal is reached.

THREE $1,650 $4,950
FOUR $1,550 $6,200
FIVE $1,450 $7,250
SIX $1,350 $8,100

Provide support and encouragement as they tap into professional and personal networks to meet fundraising goals. Share news of your Fearless Leader participation with vendors and customers who will be excited to contribute to the cause as your team goes Over the Edge for PCL. You can offer incentives or provide matching funds to the team as they hit fundraising targets – it’s your choice!

  • Your company will be invited to participate in a video that highlights Fearless Leader teams.
  • You can participate in a Fearless Leader league table and extend a friendly challenge to other companies/organizations to form a team!
  • PCL will support your Fearless Leaders with a variety of resources, including a team web page and tools for recruiting and fundraising.
  • PCL will share the team’s progress on our website, in newsletters and on social media!
  • PCL may be able to provide high resolution images, GoPro videos and even 360 degree videos of your team’s daring participation, which you can show at company retreats, annual meetings and other events.