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Personalized Learning: Parent Crowdsourcing Data Collection Effort

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Olneyville Library - Main Area 2 Room
Monday, December 10, 2018 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
1 Olneyville Square
Providence, RI 02909

The State of RI Office of Innovation will be setting up a “question board” with 2 or 3 prominently written queries about personalized learning for RI students. For example: What’s most important to you in a school? and Whe​n you hear “personalized learning,” what comes to mind?

The idea is that adults, specifically parents, will contribute a brief verbal response (approximately the length of a social media “tweet”). All responses would be completely anonymous. 

Through this data collection, we hope to start collating information around:

  1. What families know about PL and how they feel about this new educational model.

  2. How we can best inform families about current innovations in teaching and learning.

  3. What role families play in co-creating the social understanding of these new models of learning – and what role could they play.

This data could eventually inform pilot opportunities to test parent engagement strategies, PL messaging, and impact in schools.



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Joseph Morra
(401) 421-4084 x4301
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State of Rhode Island Office of Innovation