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Dr. Michael Fine reads from his new novel "Abundance"

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Rochambeau Library - Community RoomRoom
Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
708 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02906

Two young Americans go to Liberia in 2003, looking to find something missing in themselves. They find one another, are separated by war, and then struggle to find one another again. Abundance is the story of that struggle, but also about what’s missing in America, about starvation in the midst of plenty and about our struggle to be one people despite the many temptations that pull us apart.

Abundance is a powerful first novel, an epic stretching from the civil wars of Liberia to the streets of Rhode Island.  It’s about the violence we practice on each other and the power of humanity to overcome it.  A joy to read.

               -Paul J. Stekler  Emmy award winning political documentary filmmaker

Michael Fine, MD has been an advocate for communities, healthcare reform and the care of under-served populations worldwide for 40 years. He was Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) from February of 2011 until March of 2015.

Along with his two new books, ABUNDANCE and HEALTH CARE REVOLT, Michael is the coauthor, with James W. Peters, of The Nature of Health (Radcliffe, 2007), a study of healthcare services, human rights, society, technology, and industry. He also wrote The Zero Calorie Diet (Red House Press, 2010), a look at the culture of excess through the lens of fasting.

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