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The 3 Bs of Music: Back to Bach presented by Barry Wiesenfeld

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Wanskuck OnlineRoom
Thursday, November 11, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
233 Veazie Street
Providence, RI 02904
Lecture will replace the original on 10/21. In other words, the 1st lecture is now the 3rd and final in our Music Lecture Series:  Register for FREE Eventbrite tickets here!

About this event

"Back to Bach"

This is an exploration of the master of modern music. Even though he lived hundreds of years ago, Bach wrote the book, both literally and figuratively, on what makes music 'tick'. We explore his musical world, his style, some of his great works, and his legacy. I make his amazing complexity understandable, and it's an ear-opening lecture.

Barry Wiesenfeld is on the music faculty at the State University of New York and Ramapo College in New Jersey. He has accompanied Grammy- and RMI-winning artists, performed on three continents and has played on numerous recordings, radio and TV, and his lecture series has been enjoyed both around the U.S. and abroad.

Barry is an internationally respected musician who plays both electric and upright basses, is comfortable in virtually any genre, doubles on piano and contributes strong vocals. For more information or to contact Barry, please visit

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