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Providence Gamer Catherine Brunzos is Minecraft Hunger Games World Champion!

Published Date: 
November 18, 2014


Providence Community Library (PCL) is celebrating victory in the International Games Day (IGD) Minecraft Hunger Games tournament which was held over the weekend.  Three young gamers represented PCL – the only Rhode Island library to take part in the tournament – and Rochambeau patron Catherine Brunzos, 12, was declared worldwide winner!

Catherine represented District 708 (PCL) in the international Minecraft Hunger Games tournament during a two-day competition linked to International Games Day @ Your Library, which took place on November 15. Catherine, whose username is “Catybrun,” participated in the tournament with teammates Messiah LaFortune, 12, also from Rochambeau and Elijah Caldwell, 12, from the Washington Park branch of PCL. Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time with more than 33 million registered users. PCL hosts a Minecraft server that anyone with a Minecraft login at any PCL library can access and explore a virtual model of Knight Memorial Library.

PCL also held a Pokemon tournament, staged a life-sized Candyland board game and offered chess and other gaming sessions on International Games Day.  “A library is not just an educational resource for kids, it’s also a place where they can have fun together” said Ed Graves, Rochambeau’s Regional Librarian. “We offer classes and clubs in computer gaming, traditional board games, music and movie shows, arts and crafts, not to mention all the stuff you can borrow with a library card that costs you nothing!” he added.