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Providence Community Library Reduces Opening Hours at its Three Larger Locations to Cut Costs

Published Date: 
April 28, 2016

Changes Impact Knight Memorial, Mount Pleasant and Rochambeau Until June 30

Providence Community Library (PCL) will reduce opening hours on two days a week at its Knight Memorial, Mount Pleasant and Rochambeau locations until the end of the financial year.  The three locations will open one hour later at 1:00P.M. on Fridays and Saturdays starting Friday, May 6, until the end of June. The changes make savings by reducing the number of staff hours required to cover lunchtime periods at PCL’s three, larger regional libraries. The PCL Board emphasizes that there will be no job losses as a result of the changes.

PCL operates nine locations in Providence, employs 70 staff and serves 55,000 patrons. The Library anticipates a $100,000 shortfall for its current financial year, which ends June 30. PCL is taking fiscally responsible steps to minimize its projected year end deficit. “We don't like to reduce hours but the changes in opening times at some locations will protect jobs and keep the impact on library patrons to a minimum” said Cyndie Wilmot, President of the PCL Board of Directors. “We hope that the small reduction in hours at our three larger libraries will be a temporary measure.”

PCL and its supporters have campaigned vigorously for an increase in funding from the City of Providence, pointing out that while operational costs have skyrocketed, the Library has received the same level of funding from the City since 2010. PCL is running a determined campaign to raise money to close the fiscal gap. "Strengthening Our Roots," a fundraising event on May 4 at Hotel Providence, will honor Congressman David Cicilline and a PCL co-founder, Linda Kushner. Additionally, fundraiser raffle tickets are on sale at all nine PCL locations, $5 each or three tickets for $10, and the winner will receive half of the proceeds of all tickets sold. The pot currently stands at $4,200 and the winning ticket will be drawn at the fundraiser on May 4.

For more information about PCL’s hours and locations, visit For more about PCL’s fundraiser and the 50/50 raffle, visit .