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Introducing "Conectando Nuestra Gente"

PCL announces the launch of Conectando Nuestra Gente, a Facebook-based online resource center designed to connect Spanish speaking members of the Latino communities in Providence and beyond with the resources they need to navigate the numerous support systems and communities available.  

Through Conectando Nuestra Gente, Providence Community Library will publish information and resources in Spanish via a dedicated Facebook Page(link) and Instagram. Early in 2021, Providence Community Library’s website will expand to  provide more content in Spanish. The Conectando Nuestra Gente Facebook page contains a community section for public questions and discussion and people can message the page to contact a Library representative. 

Visitors are invited to follow the Conectando Nuestra Gente social media pages to access up-to-date community information, as well as library news, in the following categories:

  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Education
  • Government Information
  • Medical Resources
  • Food Access
  • Small Business Resources
  • Library Resources
  • Job Resources
  • Entertainment 
  • Food Access
  • Housing
  • Technology Access

The Conectando Nuestra Gente project was conceived and created by Latino community members, library staff, and a diverse group of non-profit organization representatives. 

We hope that you find our Conectando Nuestra Gente Facebook page useful. We will have more information and resources for Spanish speakers coming soon on this website. In the meantime, you will see some Spanish content on the website linked on this page and you can use the drop-down translator tool to translate English language content into Spanish or another preferred language on any page.

For more information on how to get your support services, resources, or events added to the Conectando Nuestra Gente online resource center pages, email or contact Carolina Briones .

Introducing "Conectando Nuestra Gente"