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PCL Summer Reading Program Supports Uganda Library

Providence youth can be heroes this summer and bring the 2015 Summer Reading Program slogan, “Every Hero Has a Story,” to life. You can help these heroes succeed by donating to support our sister library, the Kitengesa Community Library in central Uganda, East Africa!

What Will Providence Youth Do?

Every summer when they participate in PCL’s summer reading program, children read awesome books and participate in other engaging and fun library programs. But this year our youth will also “earn” the money the Providence community donates. When children complete a summer reading activity they will be rewarded with a gold coin (fake, of course) that will be deposited into a library collection jar. All library patrons will be able to see how many coins have been collected, motivating our children to read more and motivating our patrons to donate more!

This unique project will connect Providence youth to Ugandan youth through letter writing, email, and exchanging homemade gifts like friendship bracelets. Excited children will be running into their neighborhood library to find out if they have received a letter, artwork, or an email from Uganda.

Why Kitengesa Community Library in Uganda?

Lavinia Gadsden, a regular substitute librarian at PCL, has volunteered at the Kitengesa Community Library and will share her experiences as part of our summer programming. Lavinia has connected our library staff with a founder of Kitengesa Library, Kate Parry, a professor of English at Hunter College in New York City. Kate is traveling to Uganda this month and will spend the summer there, facilitating the sister library communication.

How Can I Participate?

Providence youth will maintain their reading skills, have fun, and make a difference this summer through PCL’s summer reading program. They need you to invest in them, encourage them, and partner with them to bring the joy of reading and libraries to children in Uganda.

Please donate. Gifts of any size make a difference!

Please send your check, made payable to Providence Community Library (please make sure to write “Kitengesa Community Library” on the memo line) to:

Providence Community Library
P.O. Box 9267
Providence, RI 02940

or you can donate by credit card:

Thank you!

To learn more and to see images of the library, visit the following websites:

Kitengesa Community Library Documentary