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Wireless & Mobile Printing

Print from any device & pay online with Princh
Our new printing solution, called Princh, is a user-friendly solution, which offers the possibility to print and pay from mobile devices, laptops and library PCs. In any of these methods, pick up your print job at the library you chose. Codes for all our printers.

Printing from a library PC | Check our Public Computer Use details
The print function on the library’s computers works the same way as usual.

Printing from your phone and tablet, even if not at the library
The new printing system is also available on mobile phones and tablets. Download the free Princh app from App Store or Google Play. Use the code for the specific printer (b&w or color) and specific library.

Quick videos for how to use Princh on iPhone or Android

Printing from your own laptop, even if not at the library
You can also print from your own laptop at the library or at home by visiting Watch this quick video to see how printing from your laptop video. Use the code for the specific printer (b&w or color) and specific library.

PRICES per page:
Black and white 20¢; Color 50¢

How to pay?

  • With Princh you can instantly pay online from your device by card (Visa or Mastercard) or with PayPal.
  • If you cannot pay online, choose the pay at the desk option. You'll be prompted to ype your name to add your print job. This option is only available during open hours for the speicifc library. Un-released print jobs are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

You can also find the information in different spots inside the library or ask the staff - we will help you. 


Fox Point B&W 102969
Fox Point Color 102968

Knight Memorial B&W 102963
Knight Memorial Color 102962

Mt Pleasant B&W 102970
Mt Pleasant Color 102971

Olneyville B&W 102972
Olneyville Color 102975

Rochambeau B&W 102974
Rochambeau Color 102973

Smith Hill B&W 102976
Smith Hill Color 102977

South Providence B&W 102964
South Providence Color 102965

Wanskuck B&W 102978
Wanskuck Color 102980

Washington Park B&W 102966
Washington Park Color 102967