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On advice from public health officials and the need to protect our community, All PCL locations will be closed until further notice.


Revisions to the Open Meetings Act, effective January 1, 2018

These new rules apply to PCL board meetings, executive committee meetings, and all board committee meetings--including sub-committees, "working groups," etc.   

The requirement that meetings need to be posted on the Secretary of State website 48 hours prior to the meeting has not changed.  However, this 48 hours no longer includes weekends or state holidays.  Send the information to Sara Huber, PCL Office Manager, with enough lead time for her to do the posting.  If she is unavailable, Sue Gibbs, PCL Chief Operating Officer, can post.  In an emergency, PCL Board Secretary Joan Dagle can do it.  Here's what committee chairs need to post:  the date, time, and place of the meeting; notice of the nature of the business to be considered. (The notice can be an actual agenda or just a statement; either way, it needs to give enough specific information that someone reading it will know what business it is you will be discussing.)

Official (approved) Minutes now need to be posted within 35 days of the meeting on the Secretary of State website for all organizations covered by the Open Meetings Act.     

Minutes must include: date, time, and place of the meeting; the members who are present/absent; a record by individual member of any vote(s) taken.  Minutes may also include:  "any other relevant information that any member... requests." 

Unofficial (not yet approved) Minutes should be available "within 35 days of the meeting or at the next regularly scheduled meeting, whichever is earlier." The requirement is that they "be available" at the organization.  So committee chairs should be able to provide them within that 35 days to the PCL Office Manager or to anyone who asks you directly for them. 

A record of votes taken must be available (from the PCL Office Manager or from the committee chair) within two weeks of the date of the vote.